Monitoring of Compliance

All personnel of the Company shall including directors and executive management acknowledge and get to understand Good Corporate Governance Policy and this code of business ethics for use as guidelines in their work performance. The employees who ignore following this CG policy and code shall be investigated and get disciplinary punishment as appropriate, which may be to the extent of termination of employment and even legal action in case of illegal conduct.

This CG policy and code may not be prescribed to cover all possible cases. Therefore, if employee has any problem in making decision or conducting in the way that is not stated in this CG and code, he/she should first answer the following questions to himself/herself:

  • Is the conduct rightful or not?
  • Is it acceptable and able to be disclosed to the public or not?
  • Will it impair the integrity or reputation of the Company or the employee himself/herself or not?

In case where the employee is still not sure if the conduct is rightful or cannot make decision, he/she may consult or enquire with the supervisor of any level whom he/she trusts, or Senior operating officer of Human Resource and Administration Department or the Company Secretary or Directors, as the case may be.