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We believe that innovation is the key to growth.
Web 3.0 will change the way the world works.

We will be the first Listed Company in Thailand to capture long-term growth and capital appreciation created by this disruptive innovation.

We will search for promising Digital Asset investments.We will explore new revenue models in the digital asset sector to acheive extraordinary performance uncorrelated to traditional investment strategies.

What are Digital Assets?

“In the past, investors still understood that digital assets were digital currencies well known Cryptocurrency. But in fact, digital assets not limited to digital currency only also means digital coins (Cryptotoken), also known as digital tokens, as well as other digital products and services.” – SCB

Our Digital Asset Investments

We invest in Digital Currencies and Web 3.0 technologies

To view our current Portfolio, please refer to our MD&A update via:

Innovation Vault

Brook Digital Asset Division has set aside a special fund to allocate into new trends in digital asset.
Our participation will be through direct investments, partnerships, and project affiliations.

For investments & partnership opportunities please contact us:

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