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As the First Listed company in Thailand to own Bitcoins (BTC) and several other Digital Tokens, we strongly believe in the future of Digital Assets. We will search for high potential Crypto/Blockchain-Tech innovations, and we will collaborate with Global partners to explore new revenue models in the digital asset sector to achieve extraordinary performance uncorrelated to traditional investment strategies.

Crypto/Blockchain Education

Online class: digital asset 101 (55 minutes)

To keep up with the ever-changing modern world, it is essential to study innovation and technology. Digital assets represent a significant breakthrough in the financial industry, and their relevance is even more significant than most people realize. The course “Digital Asset 101: Upskilling in the Future Financial World” provides a comprehensive explanation of digital assets, offering a broader perspective. In just 55 minutes, we cover the fundamental knowledge you need to know. The content is presented from the viewpoint of a seasoned financier with direct experience in digital assets, ensuring that the knowledge gained can be applied effectively in your daily life, investments, or existing businesses, fostering stability and sustainability.

Crypto/Blockchain Fundamental Course

This section provides essential information about Digital Asset. It serves as a great initial point of reference for anyone who wishes to learn about the fundamental of digital assets and its implications to us

Asset Tokenization
Decentralized Finance
Digital Wallet
NFT for Creators & Collectors
Asset Tokenization

Binance Academy (Free)

Free Online Crypto/Blockchain Course

(2 hours to complete)​

Binance Academy Guide

(400+ articles from beginner – Advance level)

SEC Thailand Useful Content​

SEC Thailand Useful Content​

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