The Brooker Group PCL

The Brooker Group PCL

Privacy Policy​

The Company is aware and concerned about the safety of society and the environment, and the livelihood of the community, together with the conservation of natural resources and effective use of energy. Thus it has set the following guidelines:​
  • Make the most effective use of natural resources in a manner which will least adverse affect on the society, environment, and the community.
  • Return a portion of the organizational profits through regular promotion of social and environmental activities.
  • Establish a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment among employees at all levels and give preference to transactions with trade partners that have the same objectives with regard to responsibility to society and the environment.
  • Strictly comply or enforce compliance with all relevant laws and regulations issued by supervisory authorities.
  • Develop and promote learning by providing continuous training to employees about environment’s consciousness.
  • Operate business based on environment’s consciousness, aiming to strictly abide by laws, regulations, standards, and requirements for good quality of life of all staff community and society.
The Company gives assistance through donations to various foundations and organizations, which carry out social activities such as the donation of tools, equipment and office automation equipment to temples, foundations and other social organizations. The Company will also initiate campaigns on the conservation of energy and use of resources in the office.

Jointly developing communities and societies​

The Company's Board of Directors have realized that the Organization's development to grow and create sustainability, the Company must play role to support the country’s development by promoting communities and societies to be sustainably better off. The Company emphasizes on promoting people’s development to be good citizens with improved virtue, ethics and quality of life, as follow:​

Development and assisting society

The Company has realized the important of participation on corporate social responsibility in developing Thai society and has policy to enhance all staff to create some activities to benefit society which fund supported by the Company. Volunteer Spirit Group (VSG) is established aiming to build social and environmental awareness and spend free time for improvement.

Knowledge is an element that important and necessary for human's improvement. Learning is never ending. But for the blind, without sight is a major obstacle for learning.

"Audio Books for the Blind" is therefore developed for social responsibility. The group value their free time by reading books in digital format, then sending to Thailand Association of the Blind. Books will cover fictions, study books, etc. This project has been done continuously every year. Moreover the Company donates used desk calendars to the Bangkok School for the Blind for doing Braille alphabet education media continuously every year.

Education support

The worst flood hit Thailand end of 2011 and continued to spread across much of the country, especially in the rural and remote areas of the central part. The disaster has had a particularly severe impact upon the education sector.

The Brooker Group in collaboration with Mitr Phol Group, Trade Partners, had provided THB 1,000,000 donation to rehabilitate the country’s education sector. Aid to education includes repairing damaged building, furniture, class rooms, books, stationeries and other learning & teaching materials related to education for flood victims schools : Wat Koong-Tar-Lao school, Bang Phueng Sub-district, Ban Mi District, Lopburi Province and Wat Chiang-Rak school, Innburi District, Singburi Province on 25th March and 22nd April, 2012 respectively.

To show our support to the education sector continuously, on 29th July, 2012 the Brooker Group had launched the corporate activity to give the scholarships, free-lunch funds, sports equipments and stationeries to Baan-None-Kradone school, Phaya Yen Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

In addition, the Company has also continuously given contribution of funds annually to Kwong Chow School and Kwong Siew Association since Mr Chan Bulakul, CEO of The Brooker Group has served as Education Committee of Kwong Chow School and President of Kwong Siew Association of Thailand.

Water Filter System and Water Supply System Improvement Project to Rural Schools

To show our goal to support social responsibility continuously, on 4th December, 2013 The Brooker Group had launched the corporate activity to donate Water Filter System and Water Supply System Improvement to Rural Schools which were Baan Nhong Tor Trakian School, Moo 7, Lam Phaya Klang Sub-district, Muaklek District, Saraburi Province and Water Storage Tank to Baan Khao Nom Nang School, Lam Phaya Klang Sub-district, Muaklek District, Saraburi Province.

On 19th November, 2014. The Brooker Group had launched the corporate continuous activity to donate Water Filter System to Ban Nong Song Hong School, Huai Haeng Sub-District, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province.

For better living for female elderly

The Company had organized CSR project (give a helping hand to subsidize government limited budget for better living for female elderly) on May 7, 2014 at Chalermratchakumaree Nursing Home, Kanchanaburi Province. The Company provided 130 packs of adult diaper to the Nursing Home and Baht 13,200.00 cash to 66 female elderly under care taking of the Nursing Home.

For better living of under privileged children and young adults

The Company had donated 1,000,000 Baht to Operation Smile Foundation Thailand on 6 March 2015. This foundation aims of providing safe surgeries to under privileged children and young adults at no costs to address facial deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate and burns.

Medicine cabinet and medicine and medical supplies Project and Project of building standards and the environment of Hospital's 50th Birthday Wachira down device.

The Company had donated 20,000 Baht to Hospital Foundation's 50th Birthday Wachira down devices on 2 November 2016.