The Brooker Group PCL


Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

The company gives high priority on the good corporate governance for building investor confidences and long-term business value.

Financial Information

Emphasis will be given to be transparent of important financial information with timely accuracy and sufficiency.

Shareholder Information

The company gives priority on the shareholder’s basic rights, including company information, the participation to vote etc.


The company is aware about safety of society, environment, and livelihood of the community.

The Brooker Group PLC 2024 Outlook

In the direction of the 2024, The Brooker Group Public Company Limited, a financial consulting firm that surpasses being just a service provider, focuses on AI and Blockchain innovations to address the challenges of the new era while concurrently placing significance on ESG business.

The Business Strategy of The Brooker Group Public Company Limited in the Era of Digital Assets and AI Technology

We present an update on the comprehensive overview and corporate strategy of The Brooker Group Public Company Limited for shareholders, investors, and all individuals interested in digital assets and the new technology of AI. On August 29, 2023, we are pleased to announce the new office for the Brook Digital Asset team. This expansion aims to better meet our employees' requirements.

Mr. Varit Bulakul, President of IB Financial Advisory and President of Brook Digital Asset Division, provided an update on the company's strategy and conducted a tour of the new office on August 29, 2023.

The company is highly confident in the direction it is heading, both the consulting business will expand to include consulting on Business Integration of digital assets and AI technology. Furthermore, the Digital Asset department, which has global partners to assist the company in elevating projects from Thailand to a global level. Additionally, the Brook AI department is poised to significantly enhance the company's business capabilities.