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Our Services

Financial Advisory

The Brooker Group is one of the industry leader in investment banking advisory services. Our team of experts and specialists have accummulated years of experience and a solid reputation as a financial expert. Brooker offers full and quality expertise in mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, investment advisory, rehabilitation and joint ventures.

The expertise of Brooker’s team is not limited to a specific type of advisory as the team have experience in various financial transactions, such as money and capital markets and business trading. We are committed to creating added value for our customers, which consist of leading private and public companies, business owners and senior executives. Our team works effective and efficiently, while always maintaining the high business ethical standard.

Track Record

Company name Details Advisory Transaction Size (Million Baht)
JASIF 2 RO & Debt finance 38,000 million baht
JAS Leverage buyout 42,500 million baht
JASIF Infrastructure fund 55,000 million baht
HEMRAJ M&A will 100% leverage buyout 44,000 million baht
GJS&GSTEL Debt restructuring 20,000 million baht
HEMRAJ Property Fund 4,700 million baht
Mill Purchase TSSI distressed assets 1,950 million baht
MONO IPO 2,793 million baht
Golden Land Debt restructuring 1,800 million baht
TT&T Debt restructuring 40,000 million baht
Millenium Steel M&A will 100% leverage buyout 37,000 million baht
Suntec Group Financial Restructure Deb&Equity 3,000 million baht
Nakornthai Strip Mill Advisor &Coordinator for PO 4,000 million baht
Eastern Star Real Estate Private placement of shares 2,500 million baht

Capital Management​


The Brook Global Diversified Fund (Nanjia Capital SAC Limited)

The Brook Global Diversified Fund was launched in December 2020. The fund invests in a combination of low correlated strategies to effectively deliver smooth and consistent returns in multiple market environments. Asset universe include equities, bonds, commodities, and FX. Instruments include but not limited to stocks, ETFs, futures, options, funds, and currencies. Risk management is an integral part of the investment process with the purpose of maintaining a diversified portfolio and minimizing exposure to tail events. The fund aims to deliver 6-8% annualized volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes, hedge funds and other alternatives. The fund manager, Nanjia Capital Limited, is regulated by HK SFC BHS693 with Type 1 + 9 Licenses.


Brooker Sukhothai Fund

Brooker Sukhothai Fund is a long short fund that was launched on 7 September 2007. The fund invests only in Thai listed equities with concentration in small and mid cap size companies. Management team aims to spend the majority of time “on the street”, researching new prospects, re-visiting known contacts and channel-checking. The fund is catered to long term investors. The fund manager, Swiss Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd., holds a capital markets services licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Civetta Capital Fund

The Civetta Nanjia UCIT fund through the Nanjia Capital ICAV, exploits the idiosyncratic pricing opportunities that exist within ASEAN small-to-mid-cap equities (SME) which are driven principally by the lack of international analyst coverage and minimal institutional focus. The team exploits these anomalies with their ‘boots on the ground’/on-site diligence, combined with deep-value, bottom-up stock picking, their 40+ years experience investing in local markets, and extensive personal relationships. The fund’s stock selection focuses on deeply discounted valuations, solid dividends and strong growth prospects to generate significant alpha vs comparable vehicles. The fund manager, Nanjia Capital Limited, is regulated by HK SFC BHS693 with Type 1 & 9 Licenses.

Real Estate Brokerage and Consultancy​

The Company provides real estate brokerage and consultancy services through Binswanger Brooker (Thailand) Ltd (“BBT”) under a business alliance with Binswanger USA, a global real estate brokerage and consultancy company specializing in industrial property.

BBT is responsible for finding industrial space for Binswanger USA’s multi-national customers planning to relocate their manufacturing facilities to Thailand. BBT also acts a real estate brokerage for residential and commercial properties. Its main source of income is from brokerage commission, which is a percentage of the sales price of each property.