The Brooker Group PCL

Investment Scam Warning

The Brooker Group Public Company Limited would like to caution investors and the public.
Please do not trust fake pages that deceive you into making investments or provide investment information.

Furthermore, the company's management and staff have no affiliation with any Facebook pages, Line accounts, or social media advertisements that attempt to persuade you to invest or disseminate investment information. Therefore, if you encounter any Facebook pages or social media content that falsely use the name, logo of The Brooker Group Public Company Limited, or images of the company's executives and staff to promote investments or distribute investment information,

Please consider it a scam by fraudulent individuals.

Investors can find reliable investment information from The Brooker Group Public Company Limited on the website at and the company's official social media platform (Facebook: Brook Digital Asset)


For further inquiries, please contact us at:

Phone: +(66) (0) 2168-7100


Report fake social media pages for investment scams

The Brooker Group Public Company Limited warns investors.

Please be cautious of scammers falsely claiming to be affiliated with The Brooker Group Public Company Limited and using the company's name, logo, and executive images to deceive or persuade investors to attract high returns.

Please report fake investment scam pages through the following channels

Phone : +(66) (0) 2168-7100

Email :